Giurfo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From a wise cultivation of the olive in the lands between the municipalities of Chiaramonte Gulfi and Licodia Eubea comes the extra virgin olive oil “Giurfo” this ancient and valuable food with a reputation for elixir of long life obtained from a careful selection of fine olives “Tonda Iblea”.

Technical profile

Production area:
Chiaramonte Gulfi
Type of olive:
Tonda Iblea
When mature the fruit has a purplish colour round shape and medium to big dimensions
Harvest time:
Harvest system:
Manual and directly from the tree
Extraction system:
Non stop cold pressings


450 meters above sea level
Rainy winters with moderate temperatures, and dry hot summers
Medium texture soil tending to compact, interspersed with limy tufa

Organolectic profile

Visual test:
Green with a yellow-goldish reflex
Olfact test:
Fruity with hints of green tomato
Taste test:
Harmonic and elegant with spicy and bitter clear hints
Max. acidity:
In terms of oleic acid not higher than max. 0.5
Total polyphenol quantity:
Min. 220 ppm
Number of peroxides:
Max 10 (meqO2/Kg)
Food to pair with:
If raw, it can be used with fresh vegetables