Confettura extra di Uva Nero d'Avola

Confettura extra di Uva Nero d'Avola

Confettura extra di Uva Nero d'Avola.

In the last year our farm has point out his attention on the capacity to deal the market, we therefore wanted to focus on the use of others products, all biologic, that of several years we cultivated and sell in our area. Recently we have inaugurated a line for the production of composed with some of our organic products always looking, however, to maintain the naturalness and flavor of the fresh fruit and vegetables by ourselves grown in a single territory for the favorable climatic conditions. We got this by mixing some products Sicilian traditionally and working them by hand to ensure the creaminess and the genuine taste. Our composed is a savory delicacies for, ideal to accompany cheeses, both fresh and seasoned, roasted, boiled meats, game, fish and shellfish, but also able to be enjoyed even on bread alone.

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