Giurfo is an ancient land.
Buried into a picturesque landscape, one indeed of the most amazing in the entire south eastern side of Sicily, along the Dirillo River valley, and on the borderline between the town of Licodia Eubea and the Iblea province, the land of Giurfo is situated in a wide area rich of history and traditions.
Thanks to its ideal climate, the heterogeneous composition of its soil, and the unique sunlight exposure, the vineyards and olive groves carefully and wisely cultivated, generously produce wines and oils which are rich in fragrances and flavors typical of this area.
The farm has always relies on the enhancement of the territory of the estate and, in particular or the optimization of the quality of its produce. Every vines, is in fact previously selected, thereafter is carefully checked with constant commitment, and inspected during the production process according to the techniques of the integrated agriculture system, and in total respect of the maximum yield per ha established by the oenologists. This process is constantly and carefully monitored throughout systematic checks of the product, starting from the ripening of the grapes until its harvest.